Perfect tooth and gum care when travelling




Are you often on holiday or on the road? Then you need to get the SNOW PEARL Travel Kit today!



We all get excited when we can plan trips and holidays. However, the fun diminishes drastically when the time comes for us to pack our bags: this can really be a burden as we definitely don't want to forget anything and at the same time we don't want to lug around unnecessary crim-cran. Packing is a difficult undertaking and takes a lot of time and concentration.

Well, smart thinking can make travelling easy, less complicated and stress-free. SNOW PEARL Travel Kits help you get out in front of the "packing stress"

Travel kits are smart packing tools that make travel preparations less complicated and faster!

There are a variety of travel kits on the market. But there is one that every traveller should get their hands on and that is the SNOW PEARL Travel Kit.

The SNOW PEARL Travel Kits can make travel preparations less stressful and are the ultimate packing solution as they really do contain EVERYTHING for Perfect 24/7 Dental and Gum Care.

Maintaining dental hygiene not only keeps you fresh throughout your trip, but also makes you the perfect travel companion. Bad breath or stained teeth while travelling is nasty. This kit will help you keep your mouth fresh and free of bad breath!

Perfectly sized

The size of the kits is absolutely perfect for your trip, they fit perfectly in your pocket without taking up much space. Compared to other dental hygiene travel kits, this one has a size that is 100% percent travel friendly and still really includes everything you need for your perfect oral hygiene. They can easily accompany you on the plane and the contents will last you at least a month!


Many travellers are sceptical about taking travel kits with them, thinking they can add extra weight to their luggage. With the SNOW PEARL Travel Kit, weight is not an issue as they only weigh between 200-240 grams and certainly won't add a noticeable amount to your luggage.


The perfect size and light weight are features that make these travel kits perfect, as they can fit into smaller suitcases and handbags.

A complete dental care kit

The SNOW PEARL Travel Kits really do contain everything you need when travelling to keep your teeth and gums perfectly cared for 24/7 and your breath fresh. They include an Ultra Soft toothbrush for perfect and efficient cleaning without risk of injury, a 50 m mint-flavoured dental floss, a box of 40 soft silicone interdental brushes and a packet of Pearl Shield Gel toothpaste 75 ml with 12 hours of continuous protection against cavities and sensitive teeth, or a confection of Snow Shine Whitening Foam with fluoride 50 ml for protected and radiant teeth.

SNOW PEARL wishes you a wonderful journey!






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