Why is the use of floss so important?

Most people do not floss or floss very rarely and very unwillingly, because they feel that this tool is rather unnecessary. They think that brushing their teeth with a toothbrush alone gives them a clean feeling in their mouth and that this is sufficient. They feel that the toothbrush removes food particles thoroughly enough and do not see the need to floss. Unfortunately, what most people do not know is that 30% of the tooth surface is located in the interdental spaces. Unfortunately, the toothbrush does not reach this narrow space or only insufficiently. Most germs remain there undisturbed, can multiply undisturbed and cause gingivitis, caries and in the long run also periodontosis. Only regular flossing can efficiently clean the interdental spaces and thus counteract the development of caries and periodontosis.

How often and when should floss be used?

Usually it is enough to floss once a day. The evening is usually the best time for this as you have the most time and the gums and teeth can then recover over the night. A common question is whether flossing should be done before or rather after brushing. The answer is very debatable, but basically the most important thing is to floss at all ideally once a day. I usually recommend wetting the teeth with some toothpaste first and then flossing. This way the toothpaste can get into the interdental spaces better. After a mouth rinse, I recommend cleaning the teeth thoroughly and everywhere with a toothbrush. This way you can be sure that no food remains stick in your mouth.

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