SNOW SHINE Whitening Foam 50ml

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Tooth whitening and dental care in one!

The multifunctional SNOW PEARL Whitening Foam is an innovative Swiss development for dental aesthetics and dental health. Teeth appear whiter and brighter after the first few applications and are repaired and protected at the same time. This, in combination with the propolis, lavender oil and sage extract contained in the product, distinguishes SNOW PEARL Whitening Foam significantly from conventional whitening products, which should not be used on exposed tooth necks because they can lead to hypersensitivity.

Spectrum of action of SNOW PEARL Whitening Foam:

- A blue light filter with Sparkling Mica particles is applied to the teeth and immediately makes them appear visually whiter, brighter and more brilliant.

- High anti-caries effect thanks to 980 ppm Na-fluoride.

- Pearlescent effect thanks to highly pure nano hydroxyapatite.

- Reduction of gum sensitivity despite the bleaching effect, thanks to the sealing of open dentin channels with nano hydroxyapatite.

- Progressive and natural tooth whitening with regular use, thanks to 0.098% hydrogen peroxide.

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